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The Best SeaWorld Shows

SeaWorld shows are popular attractions at all of the SeaWorld parks, located in Orlando, Florida, San Diego, California, and San Antonio, Texas. Shows vary from park to park, but visitors always have lots of fun options. From sea lions to dolphins to Shamu, SeaWorld incorporates marine life into every one of it's shows, offering audience members laughs, gasps and, plenty of smiles for kids and adults alike. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular SeaWorld shows around!
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    Shamu Show: Believe

    The Shamu show 'Believe' offers visitors to SeaWorld San Diego and San Antonio the chance to marvel in the wonder of the killer whales. The show tells the inspirational story of a young boy who has a unique bond with the whales.
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    Shamu Rocks!

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    The Shamu Rocks! shows are held at all three U.S. SeaWorld parks, offering visitors the chance to see Shamu the killer whale up close and personally. Shamu Rocks! is an after-dark, high-energy show that features live rock music, countless, colorful lights and other digital media to offer a feast for the eyes. Oh, and Shamu - he's front and center, of course!
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    Sea Lions Tonite

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    SeaWorld San Diego and San Antonio offers a Sea Lions Tonite show - a comical look at some of nature's most outspoken, and lovable, creatures: sea lions. The hilarious nighttime show features the comic teaming of sea lions Clyde and Seamore, along with their stage manager, Biff. Very much a family-friendly show!
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    One Ocean

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    The One Ocean SeaWorld shows are held regularly at all three SeaWorld locations in the U.S.: Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio, beginning in June 2011. The shows feature Shamu the whale and they are designed to entertain and educate everyone about the wonders of the ocean and the need to protect and preserve it for the marine life that live there.
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