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The Best Second Careers

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List RulesShould be careers that are suitable to people who have spent a few decades in the workplace and want to do something else rather than retire

Who’s ready for a second career? You’ve put in your time, you’ve either made it to the end of your pension or you were made redundant in the eleventh hour. Or maybe you started a company that grew into a huge company and you just want to settle into an encore career. No matter what your situation, there’s always room for second careers.  

If you’ve spent years working for a large firm, you may find working for a smaller outfit or for yourself more rewarding, if not a refreshing change of pace. Or maybe your hobby will now be your main line of work. The trick to choosing an encore career is to pick something that you have a deep interest in already or know that you can pick up quickly. Online tutorials are abundant. There are always adult education courses. Recruiters can help you find the right fit or company. Some people don’t even blink and trail blaze straight into second career choices, with varying results. The more successful jobs for retirees involve research, prep, room for pivot, and a realistic plan B.

If you have the time, it might be best to research and even try out some second career ideas before your first career is wrapped. You may seek an internship or find a good mentor for your second career. Another key to testing the waters for second career options is to talk to others who have chosen a similar path. Those people can save you a lot of time and energy. Your novel may hit the bestseller list or you may find out that you’re really a technical writer and land lucrative work but unless you have time to spare, the process could cost you. If you’ve budgeted ahead of time in order to explore your second career options, you’re way ahead of the game.

If you’ve kept up with technology, you stand a good shot at landing freelance work in the tech industry. You can be the snarkiest content specialist on Twitter! You could be the king or queen of Instagram! Or, if you are familiar with programming languages, you could help out a brand new startup.

There’s also a need for sharing real life experiences through blogging. By now, you ARE Google on many topics and it’s your time to shine. There’s also a large offering of short term jobs that you can try to what suits your personality and life style. What are the best second careers or jobs for seniors? We’ve picked a few that have worked out quite well for many people but add your suggestions to this list. Here’s to a second, hopefully fulfilling work life!
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