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12 Reasons Why The Second Half of Death Note Is Better Than You Remember

Have you ever heard anyone say that they stopped watching Death Note after the first half? Or that they tried out the second half and it ended up being a waste of time? If you've been paying attention to anime fandom, chances are high that the answer to those questions is yes. While this viewpoint is certainly common, there are actually some good reasons why the second half of Death Note is just as good as the first half, and should not be skipped over.

The second half introduces a wide range of new characters who inject new life into the series - from Mello to Mikami, there's a lot to think about in the second half. What's more, pre-existing characters like Matsuda and Soichiro get further character development. Kira's impact on society becomes clearer in the second half. Light's moral compass is utterly destroyed, and the stakes are higher than they've ever been. Whatever you're expecting from the second half, it's better than that. 

It's not that the second half of Death Note is better than the first season - both have their pros and cons. It's also not that the second half is flawless - it has undeniable pacing issues, among other problems. But it deserves more credit than it gets from the anime fandom. If you skipped out on it before, this list is your cue to give it another chance.