Secret Biker Slang You Should Know If You Aren't A Total Waxer

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Bikers and motorcyclists have a language all of their own. While certain biker slang terms made their way into mainstream vernacular ("the heat" = police, "ink" = tattoo, "rubber" = tire), most terms from biker culture remain isolated on the road. If you're new to biking, the dialect can be more than a little confusing, and shows like Sons of Anarchy don't fully explain anything. You'll need a motorcycle slang cheat sheet to fully understand.

The world's first motorcycle was developed in 1867 and powered by steam. In 1885, the first gas-powered bike was unveiled, and within the next couple of decades, bikes became the preferred mode of travel for countless enthusiasts. As years passed, motorcycles garnered more and more fans, and the language native to biking culture expanded exponentially.