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18 Celebrities Who Are Secretly Smokers

Updated October 11, 2019 1.6m views18 items

Celebrities hiding personal vices from the public is nothing new. Maybe they changed their appearance or had a disastrous first marriage. Or perhaps they smoke. Plenty of stars smoke cigarettes - but in secret. Whether these stars hide that fact to prevent career damage from having their wholesome image sullied or to avoid influencing their young and impressionable fans, celebrities who smoke have a lot of reasons to keep their habit hidden.

A well-documented and addictive health hazard, cigarette smoking is banned in many public places, and merely showing the act in a movie will often nab it an R rating. Yet, even with all these risks laid out on the table, some smoking celebrities still enjoy lighting up in secret. From squeaky clean and health-conscious stars to royalty and presidents, take a look at some secret celebrity smokers who have attempted to hide their habits.