Pedophiles Have Their Own Secret Code And They're Using It Right In Front Of You - On Your Children

In 2007, WikiLeaks released an FBI document detailing a secret code pedophiles allegedly use to communicate with one another. The simple symbols could be on any corporate logo to YouTube videos featuring innocuous titles. In 2016, Field Entertainment inadvertently released toy items containing one of the symbols, and parents initiated an explosive recourse. The company subsequently recalled the items, and the public became aware of an underground issue regarding child safety and sexual predators. By late 2016 and early 2017, concerned patrons began calling out businesses and organizations that boasted the suspicious symbols. Conspiracy theorists threatened the companies, and advocates blew up social media with a movement condemning the various eateries. 

The FBI, in conjunction with Europol and US law enforcement, have been vigilant in pursuing and dismantling suspected exploitative child trafficking rings, particularly those that operate via the Internet. Although the FBI has not confirmed the validity of the WikiLeaks document, the alleged symbols have opened public awareness to the possibility of covert predatory communication systems.

  • The Public Was Made Aware Of The Code Thanks To WikiLeaks

    In 2007, the FBI allegedly issued an intelligence bulletin to local police departments that brought the idea of sexual predators using their own symbols to communicate into the spotlight. The report broke down exactly what the symbols are and what they mean. Law enforcement kept the report internal until it ended up on WikiLeaks, where the knowledge of the almost innocuous symbols came into public awareness.

    However, theorists on public forums have made claims that the suspicious code law enforcement officials tout is actually comprised of false symbols predators use to throw off the feds. 

  • The 'Boy Lover' Symbol

    The symbols in question are simple in design - which allows the user to communicate without drawing attention. The first symbol the FBI explained was the drawing called "Boy Lover." This symbol is made by drawing a large triangle around a smaller triangle to signify the man likes younger males. 

    To show that the adult male is a "Little Boy Lover," the same symbol is drawn to replicate a child’s scribble. 

  • The 'Girl Lover' Symbol

    Similar to the “Boy Lover” symbol, the heart within a heart signifies that an adult male is interested in young girls. The “Girl Lover” symbol is built around the same concept of a larger thing encompassing a smaller object. 

    The simple sign looks like something one might find on a number of products aimed at pre-teens.

  • The 'Child Lover' Symbol

    Along with the heart within a heart symbol, there's an alleged universal logo, which is meant to let other predators know the person using the symbol doesn't have a gender preference. This “Child Lover” symbol is similar to "Girl Lover," as it details a butterfly made of hearts. 

    Theorists propose the similarities between these symbols and product logos is likely one of the reasons they were created. 

  • The 'Childlove Online Media Activism' Symbol

    According to the intelligence bulletin, FBI cyber analysts identify a symbol that indicates the user is active online. The "Childlove Online Media Activism" design is the combination of the other symbols, including the triangle, heart, and circle. This insignia boasts the user’s identification with the belief relationships between adults and minors should be legal.

    The collaborative symbol also indicates that the user has an online “childlove” presence, such as on social media, blogs, and webcasts. 

  • Toys Were Released Featuring The Symbols

    In late 2016, the heart within a heart “Girl Lover” logo popped up on a souvenir toy sold at a Monster Jam race in Syracuse, NY. One of the mother's daughters noticed the symbol was the same as a symbol that appeared on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and the concerned mom immediately reported the toy

    Shortly after, Field Entertainment - the company behind the toy - recalled the item and issued a statement saying they didn't know the predatory symbols existed. The company subsequently removed the product’s designer and initiated an internal investigation.