Secret Government Black Projects That Might Actually Exist

The US Government has numerous secret plans and projects in the works at all times. Some are technological, others political, and some dedicated to simply preserving the continuity of government should a disaster strike. Many of these have been declassified, giving us a look at the inner workings of secret government programs and operations once deemed to be too sensitive for most people to even know about.

But while many such top secret government projects exist, there are an equal or greater number of such government black projects and secret government experiments that aren't real, and were made up at some point by conspiracy theorists or authors. Some are secret bases, others dastardly plots. Which are real and which are just nonsense? From the highest levels of government to the US military,  there are plenty of rumored secret projects based in various levels of actual fact.

Here's a list of the "secret government black projects" that are all thought by some to actually be plots by the government to build advanced weapons or imprison enemies. Some are real, some aren't. Can you tell which ones are true and which are the products of someone's imagination?