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Secret in Their Eyes movie quotes follow a team of FBI investigators who are forced to find the killer of one of their own children. The crime drama was written and directed by Billy Ray as a remake and adaptation of the 2005 book La pregunta de sus ojos and 2009 Argentine film The Secret in Their Eyes. Secret in Their Eyes opened in theaters in the United States on November 20, 2015.

In Secret in Their Eyes, FBI investigators Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) Jess (Julia Roberts), Bumpy (Dean Norris) and Reg (Michael Kelly) are called to a scene by the Los Angeles Police Department on a call about an unidentified female body found bleached inside and out in a dumpster. When they arrive, Jess is devastated to learn that the victim is her teenage daughter, Carolyn (Zoe Graham).

Soon, the investigators find a suspect and bring him in but District Attorney Claire (Nicole Kidman) orders the suspect to be released on lack of evidence. So 13 years later, when Ray thinks he has found a new lead in the case, he reunites with Jess and Claire to reopen the case. But having lost faith in the justice system, Jess is not holding out hope for a conviction, rather takes justice into her own hands to close this case once and for all.

Secret in Their Eyes is just one of several fall 2015 films that will likely earn awards attention as is opened alongside The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2, Legend The Night Before, and The 33.
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An Unidentified Female Body

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Jess: You know you could just ask her out. The beauty from Harvard Law, the blue collar fed from the wrong side of Brooklyn.
Ray: Don't be a dick.
Reg: Let's go. LAPD just found an unidentified female body in a garage dumpster.
Ray: What are we doing here, guys?
Detective: Body appears to have been bleached, inside and out.
Jess: Ray, what is it?
Ray: It's Carolyn. It's your daughter.
Jess: What?!

In a series of just a few moments, Jess's life turns from one where she is joking with her coworkers at the FBI to one where she's weeping with her daughter's dead body in a dumpster. She and the others investigate deaths all the time but this time, the case hits too close to home.
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We Can't Just Let Him Walk

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Ray: You're letting him go, aren't you?
Claire: I'm sorry.
Ray: He's guilty. We can't just let him walk.

Ray cannot believe that District Attorney Claire is allowing their suspect to go free. He knows the suspect is guilty but Claire simply does not have the evidence to hold him.
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We're Gonna Get Him

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Ray: We're gonna get him, no matter what it takes.

Despite the initial setback that forced the FBI to release their murder suspect, Ray never gave up his mission to close this case. Though few would have expected it, this mission stayed with him each day for more than the next decade.
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I Found Him

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Ray: I found him.
Claire: How did you find him?
Ray: Online, 696,000 caucasian males in the US prison system. You can cycle through the entire population in a year if you look at 1,906 faces every night. So I did.
Jess: For a year?
Ray: For 13 years... Reopen that case!
Claire: We've had multiple leads. They've all been false alarms and Jess dies a little bit every single time.

Ray reunites with the original FBI team of Jess and Claire to announce that he's found their murder suspect with the hopes of redemption. It took lots of perseverance and 13 years of looking through mugshots but Ray thinks he's found their guy.