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12 Same Sex Anime Couples That Weren't Explicitly Stated (But May As Well Be)

Updated January 29, 2020 102.2k views12 items

Have you ever watched an anime and known that something was going on between two characters, even though they weren't saying anything? Sometimes it's as if the writers like to leave relationship statuses up to the imagination of the viewer more than they like to lay it out in black and white (or rainbow).

There are some super low-key and even downright secret LGBTQ+ couples in anime, and it goes beyond just your basic yaoi/yuri undertones. These subtle LGBTQ+ anime couples have been under that radar so effectively, you never knew they existed (because nobody else could figure out if they were actually dating either).

From ambiguous hints of romantic entanglement to story re-writes caused by American censorship, this list contains a number of LGBTQ+ anime guys, gals, and everything else in between who are involved mysterious relationships. Are they even together? Was it so subtle you missed it? Or was it completely taken out of the anime when it came overseas? Unlike some of the anime these characters are from, this is going to be all-inclusive. 

  • Victor And Yuri - Yuri On Ice

    Victor And Yuri - Yuri On Ice
    Photo: Funimation

    Although it's never explicitly stated that the ice skating coach and trainer combo (Victor and Yuri) are a couple, the audience is given more than a few subtle hints that there's something going on between the two.

    From exchanging a kiss in front of an entire audience on the way to the Grand Prix Final, to getting matching promise rings that are almost identical to one another, the two skaters share moments that involve a bit more than what you'd expect from your average figure skating duo. And you probably expect a lot from that profession already. 

  • Haku And Zabuza - Naruto

    Haku And Zabuza - Naruto
    Photo: Pierrot

    Anyone who has seen the early Land of the Waves arc of Naruto knows that Haku and Zabuza had way more going on than some cool ninja pact. The ship "ZabuHaku" has even been coined amongst the fandom to describe the relationship shared between the two.

    Even though it's never said in the anime that the two are a couple, their relationship is fairly transparent from the beginning. Frankly, it'd be way more surprising if they weren't dating. 

  • Haruka And Michiru - Sailor Moon

    Haruka And Michiru - Sailor Moon
    Photo: VIZ Media

    Although it's aggressively obvious that Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru (Sailor Neptune) are a couple in the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon, their realtionship was changed quite a bit when the show made its way overseas.

    In the English dub, the characters were changed from lovers into cousins, so the average viewer never had any idea that the two were officially a couple. Also, the whole "cousin" thing added an extra creepy dimension to their interactions. If you didn't know this before and you think about it now, a lot of things begin to make sense.

  • Ymir And Christa - Attack On Titan

    Ymir And Christa - Attack On Titan
    Photo: Funimation

    Outside of their flirtatious interactions within the anime itself, Ymir and Christa were officially announced as a canon LGBT couple by the director of Attack on Titan. In this German Panel, he confirms that the two are in a relationship, even though you never really get a solid answer about what's going on inside of the series. Still though, it's more of a confirmation than we usually get!