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The Secret Origin Story Of Captain Phasma Is As Fascinating As It Is Tragic

Updated 15 Dec 2017 13.4k views12 items

Captain Phasma, Gwendoline Christie's character in Star Wars, is this generation's Boba Fett. Thanks to her badass look, she became an immediate fan favorite, but the origin story for Captain Phasma is unclear. Who is Captain Phasma, really, other than a super BAMF-y villain?

It turns out the silver stormtrooper has a dark past, beginning with her difficult life on Parnassos. It was marked by a ruthlessness from which she escaped to rise through the ranks of the First Order until she finally stood beside Kylo Ren as a fellow commander.

This list explores all the horrors that Phasma endured and perpetrated on her journey. Be warned: there are spoilers for Phasma, the novel that tells the Captain's backstory, as well as the comic miniseries Star Wars: Captain Phasma.

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