People Have Found Secret Rooms Inside Their Own Homes, And Some Are Downright Creepy

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Of all the creepy things to find in a home, a hidden room or secret passageway is perhaps the most startling and eerie discovery. Unlike old dishes left in a cupboard or forgotten boxes of Playboy stashed in the attic, secret rooms in people's homes are pretty much always shocking surprises. 

Leftover trinkets are standard, but homes with hidden rooms usually announce the start of a horror film, or at the very least a thriller. Whatever creepy stuff someone finds in their new basement can be thrown away, but when a person discovers a secret room in their home, nothing short of a bushel of sage and a concerned call to their property manager can fix that mess. At their most innocent, secret passages found in homes are simply unused cellars or bunkers. At their worst, they provide a secret space for someone to live in (possibly without the tenant's knowledge).

Some homeowners on Reddit thought they knew their homes inside and out, until a child or neighbor discovered what lay behind their kitchen walls. A couple of other users describe the weird, forgotten rooms inside schools and universities they attended. Are you certain you know your home like the back of your hand, or do you think that an investigation could produce a secret basement? 

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    Old MacDonald Had A Dungeon

    From /u/evanford:

    I was working at a 100+ year-old abandoned farmhouse several years ago. My co-worker and I were told to find the well for the house since they were thinking about developing the property. After looking for a while we figured it might be in the old house. I grabbed my flashlight and we headed in through a window that wasn't boarded up very well.

    The place was creepy. The second floor had a burned goat carcass and a pentagrams drawn in ash all over the walls. So that started the chills and goosebumps. We eventually made it to the basement where I almost fell into the very deep well at the end of the steps; not sure how deep it was but our 25' tape measurer wouldn't hit the bottom.

    Anyway, my curiosity was still running wild so we went searching around the basement. My coworker noticed that one of the stone walls didn't go up to the floor joist and he pointed out that it was probably a fake wall. Good call on his part. He boosted me over the wall and I helped him climb over. The first room was empty and nothing exciting. Just dark, wet and cold. Looking around there was another wall with an opening. I decide to go first again and I was boosted over the wall. My coworker thought it'd be funny to hang onto my flashlight for a while while I stumbled in the dark. Finally he tossed it over to me and that's when I began freaking out.

    The room had chains built into the walls with wrist and ankle shackles. The walls had scratch marks from nails I'm guessing from someone trying to escape. I lasted about 30 seconds in the room before I started my dash over both walls the well and right out of the window we climbed through to get in that creepy house. I don't think it was just the shackles or the scratch marks that creeped me out but the ice cold chills that ran down my spine, like there was something truly evil lurking about in that place.

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    A Room Covered In Dusty Handprints

    From /u/SmugUgly:

    When I was in high school my dad purchased this old Victorian he intended to flip. Before he got around to working on it, he'd let me hang out there with friends. It seemed pretty cool until the first (and only) night we decided to spend the night. We set up an old TV, DVD player, and basically made the whole empty living room a big lounge/sleeping area with beanbags and blankets. It was getting pretty late when we started to hear noises coming from upstairs. It sounded like scratching and rustling, nothing too freaky, probably mice or something.

    Well, one of the guys that was over decided we should go investigate. We headed up the stairs and used our phones for light as none of the fixtures upstairs had lightbulbs. We were walking through the hall, getting closer and closer to the noise. We got to the huge built-in bookshelf at the end of the hall and the noise somehow seemed to be coming from behind it. My friend started knocking on the wall around it to see if it stirred up any more noise (we were still assuming some kind of animal or something). He started monkeying with the shelf and managed to pull the entire thing toward us and it ends up being a freakin' door to a hidden room!

    Of course we were giddy, cause this was some sh*t you only read about or see in movies. We shone our phones into the room and it was straight out of a horror film. Filth everywhere, super old-looking kids toys, spiderwebs, and the creepiest part of all, super-deep scratches on the back of the bookshelf from fingernails. You could even see the dirty hand prints that went along with them. It was the thing of nightmares and we got the Hell out of there quick. Definitely one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

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    Meeting Your Insect Neighbors

    From a deleted user:

    At my grandparents' old country house, there was a removable piece of board in the back of one of the upstairs bedroom closets, and behind it was a small passageway that led to an open space with a window on the side of the house. I crawled in once and only once, because on the way out I glanced to the side and realized the corners of the corridor were filled with giant f*cking huntsmen spiders. Like, a dozen palm-sized huntsmen. And that was just the one corner.

    F*ck that.

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    Fancy High School, Freaky Secret Rooms

    From /u/istoleurface1789:

    I went to a high school that was built years ago, maybe like 200/300 years ago. My friend and I noticed these hatches that were about six feet off the floor next to all the toilets. For context, the school was based around a quad so there was a toilet down some stairs at each corner of the quad.

    Obviously we had to check these hatches out, and did so during a drama lesson that we snuck out of. We got inside, and there was a corridor under the actual corridor which was only about four-to-five feet tall so we had to crawl through. The corridors connected all the toilets and there were vents at the top of the walls that fell at skirting board level in the classrooms so we could watch lessons going on which was cool. There were tons of pipes and electrical wiring and other non-interesting sh*t that you would expect, apart from in one corner of the quad. The hatch for this one was locked from the inside  and the pipes had all gone back into the wall or stopped so all the walls were bare concrete slabs rather than bricks which was odd.

    There was a small gap at the bottom of the wall that I could only just fit through; it was a struggle crawling under as we only had our mobiles for torches and I am not the smallest of people. When we got through it felt so much colder in this opening than it did in the corridor. The space was also much more spacious as we could stand up and the lights from our 'torches' didn't light up the opposite side of the room. The room also smelled really bad, and we saw what looked like a decomposed cat, bones and some fur at the side next to the wall closest to us.

    Even more freaky was this weird stone arch above the cat that had something written in red on it. It was a few years ago but I vaguely remember it saying something along the lines of 'if you are found here the school will expel you but Lucifer shall do much worse'. There were a few scratches on the wall and some symbols that we thought were letters but couldn't make them out. We took some pictures and got the f*ck out of there really quickly, because we were sh*tting bricks at this point. It was a fairly prestigious school so expulsions was probably the scariest thing that could happen to us at that point.