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People Have Found Secret Rooms Inside Their Own Homes, And Some Are Downright Creepy

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Of all the creepy things to find in a home, a hidden room or secret passageway is perhaps the most startling and eerie discovery. Unlike old dishes left in a cupboard or forgotten boxes of Playboy stashed in the attic, secret rooms in people's homes are pretty much always shocking surprises. 

Leftover trinkets are standard, but homes with hidden rooms usually announce the start of a horror film, or at the very least a thriller. Whatever creepy stuff someone finds in their new basement can be thrown away, but when a person discovers a secret room in their home, nothing short of a bushel of sage and a concerned call to their property manager can fix that mess. At their most innocent, secret passages found in homes are simply unused cellars or bunkers. At their worst, they provide a secret space for someone to live in (possibly without the tenant's knowledge).

Some homeowners on Reddit thought they knew their homes inside and out, until a child or neighbor discovered what lay behind their kitchen walls. A couple of other users describe the weird, forgotten rooms inside schools and universities they attended. Are you certain you know your home like the back of your hand, or do you think that an investigation could produce a secret basement? 

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