The Best Code Names The Secret Service Has Ever Used

While Secret Service code names are a tradition that dates back all the way to the Wilson administration, it's a little known fact that it's not actually the president's protective detail who picks the names. At first, it was the FBI choosing code names for presidents and their family. Then, with President Roosevelt's formation of what became known as the White House Communications Agency, the task fell to them. The Secret Service uses the names as shorthand, but they don't pick them out.

Whoever does pick them out, however, often strikes gold - either because they're so apt, or because they're so insulting and terrible. You get everything from triumphant, heroic names that imply honor and dignity to the daughter of a presidential candidate being named after a British actor, and various officials having their maladies mocked. Sometimes the names are chosen by the figures themselves - leading to an array of names that are both pompous and painfully obvious.

Which American presidents and US political figures throughout history have had the best Secret Service code names? This list features all the funniest and most awesome, so vote up those you think are the best, and if you have your own political aspirations, start thinking of yours today!
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