Graveyard Shift Secret Societies You Not-So-Secretly Want To Join  

Rebecca High

Secret societies really have their perks, although you wouldn't know it because they're just so mysterious. This video digs up a little dirt on secret societies and takes a look at three of the most appealing. They're so intriguing, you just might be persuaded to join.

Obviously, secret societies are meant to be hush-hush, but groups like the Freemasons are so famous that everyone wants a ticket, especially since one-third of US presidents are rumored to have been Freemasons.

Part of the appeal of these private clubs is knowing exactly what goes on behind closed doors. Honestly, wouldn't you love to know what else the Sons of Liberty got up to - besides planning and executing the Boston Tea Party, of course?

This video lays out three of the most alluring secret societies from history. But will even the best of these top your secret childhood treehouse club? There's only one way to find out.