All-American Songs That Are Secretly Hating On All Things American

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Every Fourth of July, Americans all across the country break out the boombox and blast some red, white, and blue jams. But other than the national anthem, are any of those perennial barbecue favorites really that celebratory? Take a look at any U.S.A.-themed playlist, and you'll find some seemingly patriotic songs that are pretty down on America.

There are plenty of harsh songs about the political and social climate of the United States, but most of them are pretty straightforward about it. For every patriotic country song, there are critical anthems like Green Day's "American Idiot," Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come," and NWA's "F*ck tha Police." But then there are the surprising anti-America songs - you might not realize how harsh they are without giving the lyrics a closer listen.

You probably love some of these patriotic songs that aren't really patriotic. Who doesn't love "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen, or "American Pie" by Don McLean? Whether they're critiquing the powers that be or subtly poking fun at the American dream, these secretly not-so-patriotic songs might surprise you.