People Confess Massive Secrets They Learned About Their Deceased Loved Ones

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It's fairly common for people to take secrets to their graves, but that doesn't mean those secrets won't get discovered by the people left behind. These Redditors got together to discuss the biggest secrets they learned about a loved one after they passed.

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    They Found Laundry Baskets Full Of Money

    From Redditor u/snowwhite88:

    My great-uncle Ray and great-aunt Ann lived in a little house on the outer edge of town. Never had children or pets. Their house was always in some disarray; the roof needed to be repaired or siding falling off. When Uncle Ray's truck broke down, he didn't get it fixed, he just rode a bicycle around town. He always wore Levi's blue jeans and a white cotton T-shirt. He would mow lawns for some extra money, and he was a car salesman back in the day.

    Ray and Ann [passed] three hours apart, in different facilities. Ann first, then Ray.

    Since Ray was the last one living, they contacted his next of kin, which was my mom. She got a call from a lawyer and was scared to call him back because she thought they were going to make her pay for the funerals. Lawyer says no, no, you just need to come in and talk to me.

    Stacks and stacks of CDs and bonds, laundry basket filled with cash (covered in clothes), cash rolled up under kitchen sink, some here, some there... Multiple bank accounts.. Ended up being close to two million dollars.

    The only bill my mom had to pay in Ray's name after he passed was his electric bill... $37.

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    Their Uncle Was A Member Of The Syndicate

    From Redditor u/pigsfly1133:

    A couple years ago, my great uncle passed. When he [passed], in addition to a mansion in Chicago, he left $15 million for his children to split up ($3 million each). As it turns out, he used to be only two steps below kingpin of a large Chicago [syndicate]. He took some money and left for good after getting [hurt] and realizing that he didn't want his children to grow up without a father. Also, his wife had owned two wh*rehouses before selling them and marrying him.

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    They Discovered A Scary Family Secret

    From Redditor u/spud_simon_salem:

    In India, January 2013, both of my grandparents [passed] just hours apart. At the time, my mother and I were told that my grandfather [passed] of a brain hemorrhage and my grandmother [passed] in her sleep. My aunt and uncle flew from England (where they reside) to India when they heard my grandfather was [asleep] from the hemorrhage.

    This year, my mother began talking to a man in India who was one of my grandfather's best friends. This man was with my aunt and uncle during the time of their [passing].

    According to this man, my aunt and uncle woke up and found my grandmother [deceased] in her bed and just left her there. They didn't do anything about her dead body for hours - they just left it in her bed. While my grandmother's corpse was still in her bed, my aunt and uncle went to the hospital to see my grandfather. The doctor said my grandfather would come out of the [sleep state] soon and would be fine. But my aunt and uncle decided to pull the plug on him anyways.

    They went back to the house, and one of the housemaids showed my aunt that my grandmother's dead body was foaming at the mouth. My aunt took her scarf, wiped away the foam, and kept the scarf there to prevent anyone from seeing the foaming.

    So basically, my aunt and uncle [slayed] my grandparents.

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    They Found A Secret Savings Account

    From Redditor u/Back2Bach:

    My grandmother was a lovely lady - she had little money, and lived simply. We loved each other, and it was a special relationship.

    When she [passed], I was very surprised to discover that she had quietly scrimped and saved over the years, and left enough money for me in her will to pay for my college education. That was her dream - and I had no idea, as she never said even one word about it.