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15 People Reveal The Dark Secrets They're Keeping From Their Siblings

Growing up with siblings can provide someone with either the closest friends or the worst enemies they'll ever have in life. After sharing years of an upbringing, home, and childhood, few other people will know you so well. But that doesn't mean they know everything - siblings share secrets as well as they keep them. Here are some of the biggest (and darkest) secrets people have kept from their siblings. More than little white lies, what these people are hiding might even have the potential to rip a family apart.

  • Unwanted Daughter

    Posted by u/pork_N_chop:

    My mother cried when she found out she was having another daughter. We were three boys and one girl, and my mother said, "Girls are too difficult."... I will never tell my sister.

  • Dad's Last Words

    Posted by u/Paelidore:

    I was the only person with my father as he died. One of my sisters and I dropped our lives to take care of him in his twilight years. His last words were "I'm dying. Please help me." repeated over and over. It shook me because my father was a strong man. No one in my family will know.

    The next day, my other siblings came and picked the house clean of anything of monetary or emotional value, while my caretaker sister and I sat in a numb state of shock. I hate all my other greedy, thoughtless siblings now, but fortunately, I'm an absolutely amazing liar. I pretend to love them for my mother's happiness.

  • Drunken Affair

    Posted by u/throwaway05172000:

    I live with my older sister and her husband. They've been together for four years and married for two, and she's currently 20 weeks pregnant with their first child. 

    Last night while drinking, I slept with my sister's husband. I now feel horribly guilty and sick to my stomach about it, and just don't know what to do. I didn't mean to, it wasn't planned, and there's been no "leading up to it." We were both drunk, and it just kinda happened. If I could take it back, I would in a second.

    She is still out of town on a trip for her friend's birthday, but she will be back tomorrow night, and I have no idea how I'm supposed to face her or what to say. She is like my best friend, and she has helped me so much like always. I legit look up to her... It was a huge mistake.

  • Hidden Wealth

    Posted by u/Jstef06:

    Money. My whole family is a bunch of deadbeats. I stopped telling them how much money I made a long time ago. It kind of sucks, because I’ve had huge career milestones and don’t tell my family or siblings anymore because I fear they’ll come asking for money. I also don’t drive a nice car or have a really nice house because, again, I don’t want to tip them off.