Weird History

The Paris Catacombs Hide A Secret Cinema Club And Pools, In Addition To Six Million Dead

It is sometimes challenging to separate facts from long-held rumors about the Paris Catacombs. As an underground cemetery holding the bones of millions of people below Paris, the catacombs are the stuff of nightmares. In many ways, however, the mass grave site is the least disturbing aspect of the underground labyrinth. There is much gossip about Nazis, vengeful spirits, and secret societies supposedly in the catacombs.

With nearly 200 miles of gloomy tunnels, it’s easy to imagine getting lost in the Paris Catacombs and never making your way out. Today, any visitor can embark on a guided tour, and learn all kinds of information about the historic burials. However, this tour is only about 45 minutes long - it doesn't even take you deep into the illegal sections, where the secrets dwell.

You’ve already read about tales of haunted catacombs, and perhaps strolled through the mysteries surrounding murder dumps. The Paris Catacombs are a mix of both: an allegedly haunted area where the dead rest in astonishing numbers and few know how deep the darkness goes.