People Describe Messed Up Secrets They Know That Could Ruin Someone Else's Life

What should you do when you know messed up secrets that could ruin someone else's life? Some people share the secrets they know, which can wreck an innocent person's happiness... or ensure that a creepy person doesn't get away with nefarious acts. Other people keep the secrets locked inside forever, which not only impacts their peace of mind, but can also prevent justice in cases in which the secret is criminal. If the secret involves a close friend or family member, the issue of what to do becomes even more complex.

No matter what the shocking secret is, it feels good to get it out somewhere. Without naming names, these Redditors shared other people's secrets. Take a look if you're feeling curious - but bear in mind that some of these secrets involve sensitive topics, such as violence and abuse.


Photo: Pixabay

  • A Man Had A Baby With His Wife's Sister And Didn't Tell Her

    From Redditor /u/NJDave1974:

    A friend I grew up with and recently reconnected with had sex with his wife's sister. He got her pregnant, she had the baby and the wife doesn't know the "niece" she's babysitting daily is her husband's child.

  • Her Boyfriend Meant To Dump Her Before He Died... And This Friend Knows It

    From Redditor /u/butteryvagina:

    My best friend's boyfriend (who I had known since I was three) was going to break up with her on Sunday night. He got in a motorcycle accident Sunday afternoon and passed away. This happened 3 years ago and she is still messed up about it because she loved him and they were still in a relationship when he passed, she still calls him her boyfriend.

  • A Boss Got His Employee Pregnant, Then Threatened Her Into Giving Up The Baby

    From Redditor /u/LemonFake:

    Have a friend who had an affair with her older married boss and got pregnant, didn't realize it until she was too far along to get an abortion. Boss tried to get her to agree to get an illegal abortion (basically he "knew a guy," said guy was not an actual doctor working out of an actual clinic) which she flat out refused. Boss then ended up pressuring her to give the baby up for adoption ("I'll fire you and ruin your life if you don't," "I'll have you thrown out of your apartment" and other threats were made; this guy was a Big Name in our town and she took the threats seriously) and she eventually agreed. He's been sending her money every month since to keep her quiet about it.

  • A Woman Sabotaged Her Birth Control So She Could Get Pregnant By A Child-Free Man

    From Redditor /u/eallin:

    I know a woman who was dating a child-free man. He was adamant about not ever having children while she was crazy about the opposite. She punctured condoms, stopped birth control (while pretending she never stopped) and lied about her period dates. Poor guy thought her birth control and the condoms he was using would keep him safe, but she got pregnant anyway. He doesn't know, he's miserable.

  • This Man's Grandfather Had A Secret Second Family

    From Redditor /u/yayalorde:

    I know that my grandpa had a second family that nobody else in my family knows about.

    My grandma on my dad's side of the family died when I was still very young, but my grandpa lived until I was in my early 20's and we were pretty close. At one point when I was about 13 or 14 he got very sick and we all thought it was the end. I was sitting and talking to him one day (he was in bed) and he fell asleep. He was on a lot of medication including painkillers so this wasn't a shock. A few minutes later he woke, but was disoriented and talking to me like I was someone else. He was apologizing to me about not being there, which made no sense. I put together the pieces and suspected he was talking about (or thought he was talking to) someone he had had an affair with.

    So he pulls through that illness and a few years later he and I went on a weekend fishing trip. On that trip I asked him about what he was saying and what I suspected he was talking about. He confessed to me that in the late 1950's he and my grandma were going through a rough patch. He met this other woman and saw her off and on for about a year then she ended up getting pregnant. He would go see her when possible and gave her money to support the kid. My grandma, dad and aunt (my dad's sister) never knew about this and he asked me to keep this between us. Over the course of the weekend he explained how his life was basically a hell of his own creating because he was lying to two different women and trying to basically juggle two different families. He told me to never do what he had done.

    I never told anyone then a handful of years later he died. The lawyer contacted me about his will and said there was a special clause in the will just for me. Basically I got control of his safe deposit box, but the lawyer was supposed to not tell anyone else about the box, it was private and just for me. In the regular will the grandkids (there were four of us in all) got $5,000 each. In the safe deposit box was a letter he wrote me telling me how he appreciated me keeping his confidence and how he was proud of the man I had grown to become. There was also $25,000 in cash. I wasn't sure what to do with it. At first I was excited, but then it felt like I was being paid for my silence and it made me kind of ill. After much deliberation I gave the money to a group that helps abused and runaway kids.

  • A Teenager's Conservative Family Sent Her Away To Have A Baby In Secret

    From Redditor /u/Knat003:

    My friend comes from a pretty conservative family, which is fine, but some of them can be pretty judgmental. Anyway, after knowing her for a few years I found that her sister got pregnant at 16 and was shipped away to have the baby and have it adopted, and then she came home. They don't talk about it and act like it didn't happen.

    For me that was always something that I'd only seen in movies or read about. She has no idea I know. I was told by a mutual friend.