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The Coolest See-Through Ocean Animals

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Is there anything cooler than see-through ocean animals and sea creatures? If you lived in the ocean where there always seems to be something bigger and hungrier swimming up behind you, it would clearly be in your best interest to not stick out like a delicious appetizer. One way to do this is to literally blend into your surroundings like these denizens of the deep.

Did you know that there are translucent squid, shrimp and octopuses (octopi, whatever)? There are also baby eels that look like an undulating piece of Scotch tape, a jellyfish that looks like a clear Darth Vader helmet, and even a bizarre deep-sea creature that was the inspiration for the Queen Alien in James Cameron's Aliens.

The following creatures have nothing to hide inside and are all translucent, see-through, clear sea creatures. Upvote the most interesting translucent ocean animals below, and just try to not be amazed by their unique physical features.
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