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For a show about nothing, there's no shortage of Seinfeld fans who think it's more about something - and they've posted their Seinfeld fan theories on the Internet to prove it. From the skeptics who think there's no way Kramer could afford an apartment in Manhattan unless he was secretly a drug dealer, to the less ~out there~, like the theories that hold Seinfeld and Friends could exist in the same universe.

Whether you're on the fence when it comes to fan theories about Seinfeld, or are totally eating them up faster than lobster bisque, there are definitely some entertaining theories at hand. So take this opportunity to vote up the Seinfeld theories you think just might be true, whether they're about Jerry's girlfriends, Kramer's side business, or George's brother.
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The Reason Everyone Hangs Out at Jerry's Apartment

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Have you ever wondered why everyone on Seinfeld was always hanging out at Jerry's apartment? Why did the main characters always seem to be playing catch up with each other's lives in every episode? This fan theory, from Redditor hotdoggstyle, may just give you the answer you've been looking for:

"As a somewhat successful comedian, Jerry is constantly on the road touring, appearing on various late night talk shows, and is more than likely out of town for weeks at a time. His closest friends know his schedule, so when he's in town they know exactly where to find him and don't mind popping in because they haven't seen him for some time."
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Crazy Joe Davola Was "The Lopper"

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In the episode "The Frogger" Kramer alerts Jerry and Elaine to a serial killer operating in New York under the moniker "The Lopper." Apparently, he is killing people wholook like Jerry. As theorized, some people believe that The Lopper could have been Jerry's old enemy, Crazy Joe Davola.

"The last time we see Joe Davola is in the "The Pilot" when he tries to attack Jerry in the TV studio. We never find out what happened to him. Perhaps he was arrested for his attempted assault on Jerry and sent to prison. There, Joe became increasingly angry and hostile towards Jerry. When he got out of prison, he hated Jerry so much that he started beheading anyone who looked like him."
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Kramer Was a Pot Smoking Drug Dealer

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While most Seinfeld fans believe Kramer never held a job, this theory states the opposite: Kramer was secretly a drug dealer and possibly an addict. This could explain how he affords an apartment in Manhattan.

Wondering who's supplying his stuff? Dorkly has a theory for that: "
Kramer would need a supplier, but we already know his hook-up: Bob Sacamano, the mysterious friend of his that goes unseen for the entire series."
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Seinfeld, Friends, and Mad About You Exist in the Same Universe

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Is it possible that Seinfeld, Friends, and Mad About You actually all existed in the same universe? One Redditor (whose account has since been deleted) sure thought so. Their theory holds:

"There's a scene in Mad About You where it's revealed that Kramer's apartment is under Paul's name. Ursula, Phoebe's sister from Friends is the waitress at the bar where Paul and Jamie hang out. Seinfeld and Friends (and Mad About You) take place in the same timeline, the same universe."