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The Most Plausible And Sponge-Worthy 'Seinfeld' Fan Theories  

Stephen Tompkins
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For a show about nothing, there's no shortage of Seinfeld fans who think it's more about something - and they've posted their Seinfeld fan theories on the Internet to prove it. From the skeptics who think there's no way Kramer could afford an apartment in Manhattan unless he was secretly a drug dealer, to the less ~out there~, like the theories that hold Seinfeld and Friends could exist in the same universe.

Whether you're on the fence when it comes to fan theories about Seinfeld, or are totally eating them up faster than lobster bisque, there are definitely some entertaining theories at hand. So take this opportunity to vote up the Seinfeld theories you think just might be true, whether they're about Jerry's girlfriends, Kramer's side business, or George's brother.
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Jerry Lied About George's Frogger High Score Being Lost
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In "The Frogger" Jerry and George revisit a pizza parlor/childhood hangout and discover that George miraculously, still holds the high score on the Frogger arcade game in the parlor. In an effort to hang on to one of his only life accomplishments, George buys the machine, but not before Jerry tells him that his score will be lost if the game is unplugged.

However, Reddit user Nathan Gatten is suspicious of Jerry's motives here:

"If arcade machines lose their data simply by being without power, then how the heck did it hold Georges high score for about fifteen years? New York has went through a series of blackouts since then, and no business would leave the machine running when closed.

The thing is, Jerry lied to George so he could see how far he would go to save the frogger machine. And why would he set George in the footsteps of disaster? Simple, for entertainment value. Jerry has done this before, in fact he does this all the time."

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J Peterman's Breakdown Was Caused By Elaine
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J. Peterman, Elaine's eccentric boss, suffers a breakdown during a later season and as a result moves away to Burma. One fan theory supposes Elaine and Peterman had an affair that led to Peterman's eventual mental break. According to user theluckygal, Elaine's past history with men hints towards why she would be attracted to Peterman and the reasons for his breakdown.

"Some of the men attracted to Elaine have a past of being neurotic or they suffer breakdown after meeting her. Examples: Russell Dalrymple (NBC executive who leaves his job and dies at the sea to impress Elaine), Lloyd Braun (Mayor's campaign manager who suffers a nervous breakdown), crazy Joe Davola, David Puddy (germaphobe), etc.

Elaine is attracted to money, fame, and men with lucrative jobs. Some of her love interests are JFK Jr., Ben (a doctor whom she helps in passing the license exam), dentist Tim Whatley, her therapist Dr. Reston, baseball player Keith Hernandez, The Maestro. She even flirted with Jerry when she found out how much money he had. J. Peterman was single and rich so there must have been some attraction. 

Peterman makes her the head of the company when he left for Burma after his breakdown at the end of season 7, even though there were much more qualified people in his company. Jerry points out that she is not fit for the job."

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Kramer Was a Pot Smoking Drug Dealer
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While most Seinfeld fans believe Kramer never held a job, this theory states the opposite: Kramer was secretly a drug dealer and possibly an addict. This could explain how he affords an apartment in Manhattan.

Wondering who's supplying his stuff? Dorkly has a theory for that: "Kramer would need a supplier, but we already know his hook-up: Bob Sacamano, the mysterious friend of his that goes unseen for the entire series."
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Seinfeld, Friends, and Mad About You Exist in the Same Universe
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Is it possible that Seinfeld, Friends, and Mad About You actually all existed in the same universe? One Redditor (whose account has since been deleted) sure thought so. Their theory holds:

"There's a scene in Mad About You where it's revealed that Kramer's apartment is under Paul's name. Ursula, Phoebe's sister from Friends is the waitress at the bar where Paul and Jamie hang out. Seinfeld and Friends (and Mad About You) take place in the same timeline, the same universe."
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