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The Most Plausible And Sponge-Worthy 'Seinfeld' Fan Theories 

Stephen Tompkins
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For a show about nothing, there's no shortage of Seinfeld fans who think it's more about something - and they've posted their Seinfeld fan theories on the Internet to prove it. From the skeptics who think there's no way Kramer could afford an apartment in Manhattan unless he was secretly a drug dealer, to the less ~out there~, like the theories that hold Seinfeld and Friends could exist in the same universe.

Whether you're on the fence when it comes to fan theories about Seinfeld, or are totally eating them up faster than lobster bisque, there are definitely some entertaining theories at hand. So take this opportunity to vote up the Seinfeld theories you think just might be true, whether they're about Jerry's girlfriends, Kramer's side business, or George's brother.
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Kramer Is A Widow
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Ever wondered how and why a neurotic space cadet like Cosmo Kramer was able to live in New York City without a stable job? According to NawlinsTiger9, it may have to do with a spouse he lost before he met Jerry. Kramer constantly finds himself occupied with bizarre antics and schemes, things that could be distractions from trauma he faced by losing a spouse. Furthermore, the husband-wife relationship between him and Jerry suggests Kramer needs a companion for himself but can't bring himself to start such a relationship with another woman.

"If he married a rich woman (not far-fetched to due his "Keh-vorka"), or if there was some sort of life insurance policy or accident settlement, then there might finally be some semblance of an explanation for his previously inexplicable amount of money. The guy lived for over a decade in a New York city apartment without holding a paying job for more than a week.

Also, his psychology fits the mold of a widow. He has an emotional detachment to women that extends beyond the life of the ordinary New York bachelor. He and his mother were estranged for years. Elaine was probably the woman he was closest to over the course of the series, and there is a later episode where he is unsure of her last name.

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Seinfeld Is an Infinite Loop
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This ultra-meta theory submitted to Reddit by user Dave Silver suggests that when Jerry and George pitch their TV show, Jerry, to the network, the title character of that show would in turn wind up creating a TV show within that show called Seinfeld. Thus resulting in an ongoing loop of shows about nothing! 

"So essentially we are living in the Jerry verse and are seeing the version of Seinfeld made buy the guy whose butler is a guy that he had legal troubles with in real-life and this loop goes on forever."
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George Was Doing the Opposite the Entire Time
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"My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents."
-George Costanza

We all remember the classic Seinfeld episode where George learned that doing the complete opposite of his gut instinct led to him having a much better life, but in the very next episode he goes back to his old ways and struggles through life once again. This theory, created by Reddit user concievable, aims to clear up any confusion that may have caused.

"George as a character has two really big flaws. The first, as he points out in The Opposite, is that every instinct he has is wrong. He corrected that. The second flaw, which shows up time and time again, is that he takes everything a step too far. Whether it be quitting his job then getting revenge on his boss for a perceived injustice, converting to Latvian Orthodox to date a girl, or not admitting to countless lies until the truth comes out invariably blowing up in his face. What I've come to assume happened in between The Opposite and the following episode is this: George continues to do the opposite of what he thinks he should so long until it finally becomes his nature. He completely changes his instincts, but taking things a step too far as usual, he does the opposite of those. Effectively, he performs a double negative and reverts back to classic George."
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The Video Clerk Is Spence from King of Queens
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If we are to believe that Seinfeld and Friends could potentially exist within the same universe, then who's to say that The King of Queens doesn't exist within that universe as well? This theory suggests that in the episode "The Couch," the clerk working at the video store is a younger Spence before he got a job working in the New York subway.
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