Actors You Completely Forgot Were On 'Seinfeld'

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From "Jerry's Girlfriend" to... well, "Jerry's Girlfriend," many famous actors have appeared as guest stars on Seinfeld at one point or another. Some famous guest stars on Seinfeld have played pretty memorable roles, others... not so memorable. You'll have no trouble recognizing them now, but most of these stars were yet to be established when they popped into the world of Seinfeld

Here is a list of actors you completely forgot were on Seinfeld

  • Drake Bell As A Video Game-Playing Kid
    Photo: NBC

    Nickelodeon star Drake Bell appeared briefly as a kid playing George's beloved Frogger game. 

  • Mariska Hargitay As An Auditioning Actress
    Photo: NBC

    Mariska Hargitay from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit appeared as Melissa, an actress who auditions for the part of Elaine in the pilot for Jerry.  

  • Megan Mullally As George's Girlfriend
    Photo: NBC

    Will & Grace and Parks and Recreation star Megan Mullally played one of the many women to dump George after just one episode.

  • Jon Favreau As A Clown
    Photo: NBC

    One of the biggest directors in Hollywood made one of his first (but memorable) television appearances as Eric the Clown; his short screen time included arguing with George and putting out a fire with his clown shoes.