23 'Seinfeld' Hot Takes That Made Us Scream "Serenity Now!"

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These Redditors are sharing their hot takes on Seinfeld and we have to say, while some are spot-on, others have us scratching our heads. Check them out and vote up the opinions you agree with!

  • 1. Beautifully Written

    From Redditor u/WeHaSaulFan:

    "The Fix-Up" Is every bit as much the classic episode as some of the more famous ones like "The Contest" and "The Puffy Shirt." Chock-full of great bits and memorable moments. Beautifully written and acted.

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    From Redditor u/MarlonElliot:

    HELLLLLOOOOO was still funny and Jerry shouldn't have abandoned it. Screw her if she can't take a joke.

    24 votes
  • 3. Season 8 And 9 Don't Deserve The Hate

    From Redditor u/georgecostanzasanger:

    My hot take is probably reactionary due to the hate (the quality of) seasons 8 and 9 get, but I think they are great seasons, with some of the best episodes in the series. Granted they lost that Larry David touch, but the changes are great in places. Bizarro Jerry, George trying to get fired, the Chicken Roaster, the nap under the desk, Summer of George, Serenity Now, the Merv Griffin show, I could go on with the many great episodes in season 8 and 9.

    39 votes
  • 4. Jerry's Acting Gets Better

    From Redditor u/Megamorter:

    Jerry’s acting gets considerably better as the seasons go on.

    By season 5/6 and especially 7, he’s on the ball with the rest of the cast.

    29 votes
  • 5. But They're Crooks!

    From Redditor u/Leather-Rebel-:

    That Cedric and Bob never got any comeuppance for stealing the armoire and their two next appearances try to show them as "good guys" always bothered me.

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  • 6. Kramer's Coffee Table Book

    From Redditor u/spinereader81:

    I might get canceled for such a unique and controversial opinion, but Kramer's coffee table book was a clever idea.

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