What's the Deal with These Seinfeld Fan Tattoos?

The Seinfeld fan tattoos you're about to see are real, and they're spectacular. Seinfeld is arguably the greatest television show of all time, so it makes sense that many Seinfeld superfans have gotten tattoos in honor of the show. If you're looking for ideas for your next tattoo, why not take a look at these pictures and make a Seinfeld tattoo of your own? Get some ideas and then put them permanently on your body. You could even get a nude portrait of Elaine or Jerry on your back. Really. You could. I smell calzone!

Some of these George Costanza tattoos are actually pretty amazing, although we all know George would never get a tattoo (although Tony the rock climber could probably talk him into it.) There are some epic Kramer tattoos here as well, including an homage to the scene where he chugs a beer with a cigarette in his mouth.