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15 Things You Never Knew About Seinfeld

You may think you know everything about Seinfeld, but you probably don't. There are some facts, behind the scenes trivia, and fun Easter eggs from the series that even the biggest fans of the show don't know! There's no denying Seinfeld is one of the best TV shows of all time, but there are plenty of interesting tidbits to learn about Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, George, and even more!

Seinfeld ran for nine seasons and 169 episodes on NBC in the '90s, and though Jerry was offered around $110 million dollars for a 10th season, he opted to bow out. Maybe you knew that already, but did you know Newman wasn't always white? What about why Elaine's dad wasn't seen as often as the writers had originally planned?

These facts and more are compiled on this list of Seinfeld trivia, detailing the most interesting goings on from behind the scenes on this excellent, timeless, and iconic sitcom about nothing. So upvote the Seinfeld facts that you find the most interesting below, and get ready to give everyone the scoop on just how much it cost to be an extra in Monk's.

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    Jerry Had 66 Girlfriends

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    If you had to count up all the girls that Jerry dated, how many would it be? Don't worry someone else already did it and the answer is 66 girlfriends! Some of those included famous actresses like Catherine Keener, Debra Messing, Kristin Davis, and Lauren Graham. Did you know the "man hands" from one of Seinfeld's girlfriends were provided by one of the show's producers?

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    Producers Had to Ask Audience Members to Shut Up

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    Once the audience started loving Kramer's entrances, producers had to tell the live audience to stop screaming and applauding for him when he entered, because it ruined the scenes. 

    Also, did you also know that originally Kramer's first name was not Cosmo? It was Conrad! That was supposed to be revealed in an episode that was scrapped. They changed it to Cosmo years later.

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    The Actor Who Played J. Peterman Is Actually Part Owner of J. Peterman

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    In a weird case of life imitating at, John O'Hurley, who played J. Peterman (Elaine's boss), is now actually part-owner of the real J. Peterman Company. He invested after playing the role on the show and helped save the company from going under.

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    Jerry's Apartment Number Switched Over Seasons

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    Jerry's apartment number switched over the series from 411 to 3A to 5A. The exterior they used for the apartment is actually not in New York, but in Los Angeles.