Seinfeld's Greatest George Steinbrenner Moments

Some of us know George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld and some of us know him as the brave, boisterous and awesome owner of the New York Yankees. When he began getting lampooned on Seinfeld, he reportedly got a kick out of it. Voiced by Larry David, the Steinbrenner from Seinfeld is a caricature that even Steinbrenner admits got it pretty close to the mark. In memory of George Steinbrenner's passing today, here are the 8 greatest Steinbrenner Seinfeld moments.

  • The Stock Tip
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    In the episode where George (Costanza... this is going to get tricky) discovered the joys of taking daynaps under his desk at work, he takes a nap and oversleeps only to have Steinbrenner come into his office looking for George, curious about what the title of the song "Heartbreaker" was.

    Steinbrenner, the ever persistent gentleman, waits patiently in George's office and ends up singing the worst version of Heartbreaker ever (that is, AFTER his grandchildren show up and try to play with George).

    George then calls Jerry and tells him to distract Steinbrenner.

    Jerry calls in a bomb threat.
  • The Caddy
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    Steinbrenner comes over to the Costanza's to let George's parents know that he died and was a hard worker. The pay off is Jerry Stiller (Constanza's dad) letting him have it for a trade that Steinbrenner made some years back.

    A perfect example of George's relationship with papa Costanza. The greatest part of this clip is the message that George's dad leaves on Jerry's machine.
  • The Calzone
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    In this clip, Steinbrenner needs a calzone from the best calzone place in the world. He sends George out to go get one for him, but of course, whenever George Costanza needs to prove himself in some way, shape or form, he falls flat.

    Steinbrenner NEEDS his calzone, though. He just needs it.

    "Costanza is in the building!"

    Too bad it's just toasty pants that got warmed up with a calzone.

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  • The Wink
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    George Steinbrenner running through a list of people that he has fired over the years was one of the greatest gags Seinfeld did on the proud owner of the Yankees.

    Taking a fun poke at the people he's let go over the years, Seinfeld's Steinbrenner goes through a list of the people he's fired throughout the years after giving George a spur the moment promotion.

    Yogi Berra, Lou Panella, Bucky Dent, BIlly Martin, Dallas Green, Dick Hauser, Bill Verton, Billy Martin, Scott Marrow, Billy Martin, Bob Lemon, Billy Martin, Gene Michael...