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Seinfeld's Greatest George Steinbrenner Moments

Some of us know George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld and some of us know him as the brave, boisterous and awesome owner of the New York Yankees. When he began getting lampooned on Seinfeld, he reportedly got a kick out of it. Voiced by Larry David, the Steinbrenner from Seinfeld is a caricature that even Steinbrenner admits got it pretty close to the mark. In memory of George Steinbrenner's passing today, here are the 8 greatest Steinbrenner Seinfeld moments.
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    George Steinbrenner himself made an unaired cameo on the show.

    The full cameo ended up on the cutting room floor. No one's really clear as to why, but many suspect that while Steinbrenner was comfortable with the lampooning he received, he thought being involved was a little too much.
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    Steinbrenner Commits George - Seinfeld

    After trying to take the credit for someone else's work, George's plan backfires on him when the person who did the work worries Steinbrenner to the point of wanting to help George out... by committing him to a mental institution.

    George ends up being taken away while Steinbrenner spits off what is possibly the funniest Steinbrenner rant in Seinfeld history. Not the funniest moment, but definitely the strangest, most memorable rant.

    Click here for the rant about the previous person that Steinbrenner "helped" by committing them, and what their vice used to be.
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    After another episode of Seinfeld's Steinbrenner putting George Costanza through the ringer, they end it with what would be a clam, relaxing hot tub for Constanza... if it weren't for Steinbrenner's trademark ranting and oversharing.

    George was buckling under the pressure of his job due to Steinbrenner, so what was his cure for this? Much like that "fever" Christopher Walken had, it was just more Steinbrenner.

    Click here for a clip of Steinbrenner inviting George out to the hot tub.
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    Third Person - Seinfeld

    Ever the proud man, Seinfeld's Steinbrenner couldn't fathom the concept of another man using the name George around him, while NOT referring to him.

    This caused some problems in the episode where George decided to start referring to himself in the third person.

    This was definitely not the year of George.

    Click here for the clip, as this particular YouTuber didn't allow for any embedding.