Gifts The Best Gifts to Give Yourself  

Ashley Reign
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Ever get so busy trying to keep everyone in your life happy that you totally forget yourself? If so, fear not! Here, you'll find a list of good self care ideas for the days when you just need a break from adulting. The best gifts to give yourself, many of which are either free or incredibly inexpensive, are essentially a way to give yourself permission to disengage for a few hours and slip into the serene world of escapism. 

Some of the best kinds of self care are abstract. They revolve around remembering to include yourself in the list of people in your life to keep happy. Maybe it's un-following a difficult person on social media, giving yourself permission to take a break from the news, or simply accepting it's okay to say "No." Other gifts you give yourself can be more concrete, small things to lift your mood. Whether it's a long nap, a long walk, or a special treat (takeout, new clothes, a hot bath), there's nothing wrong with a little indulgence if you're in need of a pick-me-up.  

It's easy to feel like it's selfish to keep the nice gifts for yourself coming, but nothing could be further from the truth. Smart self care is going to leave you feeling happier, more rested, and make you vastly more pleasant company for the other people in your life. If you want to take care of others, you need to remember to care for yourself as well. 

The next time life starts to feel like a little too much, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and let the good self care tips roll. Vote up the best gifts to give yourself below and add anything you feel is missing! 

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A Night's Sleep With No Alarm
345 59
A Freakishly Soft Blanket
337 60
Permission To Say "No" When You Want To
316 63
A New Piece Of Clothing That Goes With Everything
277 52
An Afternoon At the Beach/Lake/River
312 72
A Shameless Cuddle Session With Your Dog or Cat
272 54
Permission To Make Mistakes
284 60
Disengaging From Family Drama
301 72
A Long Nap
266 60
A Long Walk In Your Favorite Outdoor Location
234 48
Ordering Take Out
227 47
Making Yourself Your Favorite Dessert
237 60
A Long, Hot Bath
197 56
Doing Something Nice For Someone Else
167 42
A Day Trip To Your Favorite Nearby Town
177 48
Unfollowing Toxic People On Social Media
198 62
An Vow To Do Absolutely Nothing For an Afternoon
169 48
A New CD/Playlist With All Your Favorite Songs
166 49
A Back Massager
175 60
Taking a Class On Something You've Always Be Curious About
138 46
A New Pair of Shoes
154 60
A New Book To Read Just For Fun
139 54
Essential Oil/Candles Featuring Your Favorite Scent
140 56
A Great New Decoration For Your Place
117 58
Rewatching Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon On Hulu