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24 People Who Were Willing To Roast Themselves Just To Roast Someone Else

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Some people will do anything it takes to win. And then there's people who are willing to destroy themselves, just to take down someone else. As seen on the subreddit r/kamikazebywords, here are some of the most self-destructive insults we've ever seen. 

Photo: u/ianchillidk / Reddit

  • 1. Don't Stop The Rumor, Make It Bigger

    Don't Stop The Rumor, Make It Bigger
    Photo: u/atheill / Reddit
    3,751 votes
  • 2. Relatable Comment

    Relatable Comment
    Photo: u/ianchillidk / Reddit
    2,617 votes
  • 3. He's Got A Point

    He's Got A Point
    Photo: u/MalteseBanana69 / Reddit
    2,370 votes
  • 4. A Crane Burn

    A Crane Burn
    Photo: u/StonyTark3000 / Reddit
    2,873 votes
  • 5. Imperial Thanksgiving

    Imperial Thanksgiving
    Photo: u/Stankystonky / Reddit
    2,997 votes
  • 6. Worried About Your Cousin

    Worried About Your Cousin
    Photo: u/Cableitor8 / Reddit
    1,616 votes