Every Single Self-Driving Car Accident And Death

The amount of self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicles on the roads has exploded in recent years, ushering in a new transportation revolution that could change society forever. But every technological advancement comes with hiccups, and autonomous vehicles are no exception. News about self-driving cars is sometimes grim and often focuses on the various self-driving car accidents that sometimes prove deadly. These stories have sparked a debate about self-driving car safety and what the current limitations of the technology are. While this hasn't stopped many people from eagerly welcoming such new innovations, deaths caused by self-driving cars do give some pause when it comes to getting behind the changes to the road too quickly. 

No matter if it's a robot or a human behind the wheel, there will always be accidents with new and sometimes scary technologies. Self-driving cars aim to lower fatalities due to human error, but that doesn't mean they are currently error proof. There have been people killed in accidents involving self-driving vehicles, and only time will tell if the rewards outweigh the risks. For now, we can analyze all the self-driving car accidents and judge for ourselves.