Things That Were Destroyed Because of Selfies

It’s impossible to do anything or go anywhere without seeing someone take a selfie. Some people blame the "pics or it didn’t happen" culture that sprung up alongside the smartphone revolution while others blame sheer narcissism for the trend, although it’s probably a little bit of both. People have died because of selfies, but what about all the things that have been destroyed because of selfies? Human beings can break things better than anyone, and now that everyone is trying to outdo one another with their crazy selfies, it’s only a matter of time before someone tips over the Leaning Tower of Pisa in pursuit of that perfect shot. If you think we’re being reactionary, take a look at all these things that have been destroyed because of selfies.

It seems that people will go to any length to get likes, faves, or whatever on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if they have to risk their lives or destroy a priceless piece of art - if they can capture themselves doing something unique, it’s all worth it. If you haven’t already lost all faith in the human race, you’re probably going to start praying for a meteorite to hit Earth after you read about how many animals people have killed for a photo op. Steel thyself, here’s all the stuff that has been destroyed with selfies.

After you finish cringing at all the things selfies have destroyed, leave us a comment about the lengths you’ve gone to in pursuit of the perfect selfie. Especially if you’re a ghost.