The Biggest Selfie FAILs In Internet History

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More often than not, a selfie fails to capture whatever moment is actually happening. People making faces to make the selfies funny, exaggerating backgrounds, or including people who aren't a part of the moment are the entire reason that really all selfies are failures when it comes to good photography. But then there are the hilarious selfies that are actually entertaining. When something goes wrong, a selfie is truly at its best: pictures of people taking selfies at funerals, accidentally including a toilet while you're trying to look sexy, and sometimes even animals get into the mix. 

Here are the funniest selfie FAILs in the history of the Internet. But mostly, these awful selfies are just people with horrible, terrible, no good, very bad taste. These are the worst selfies that the Internet has to offer. Upvote the biggest selfie fails, downvote the ones that are okay.