The 14 Most Selfless Anime Characters Who Are Always Willing To Help

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If you're starting to feel like every anime character is a selfish jerk who is just looking out for number one, it may be time to give selfless anime characters some attention.

Some of these selfless characters are sacrificing major things like their personal safety, their ability to remain in society, or even their ability to exist in human form. Others simply put others first and love to help out, without ever causing themselves to suffer.

Whether a character is more like Itachi Uchiha, who killed his entire family and then exiled himself in order to save his brother's life and prevent war, or more like Phichit Chulanont, who just wants to bring happiness to his country through figure skating, these characters embody the spirit of giving. 

  • Alphonse Elric is always willing to help out a person in need, but he truly shows the depths of his selflessness when he gets the opportunity to reunite his soul with his body after spending years trapped in a suit of armor. Because Alphonse is in the middle of a battle, reuniting with his severely weakened body would put him - and the rest of his comrades - at a severe disadvantage.

    For the sake of the greater good, Al decides to stay in the suit of armor, even though for all he knows, he'll never get another chance to get back to his body. 

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  • Koro-sensei Spends His Last Year Mentoring Kids In 'Assassination Classroom'
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    If you knew that you were going to die within a year, how would you spend that time? Most people would want to satisfy their personal desires - maybe eating every food they ever wanted to try, going on awesome vacations, or having a love affair. Koro-sensei has something different in mind. 

    Instead of indulging himself in the time he has left and then heading off to outer space to explode, Koro-sensei uses his remaining year of life to teach a bunch of middle school kids how to rebuild their self-esteem and become competent in all areas of life through the fine art of assassination. 

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    Izuku Midoriya Cares More About His Classmates' Emotional Health Than Winning In 'My Hero Academia'

    Izuku Midoriya wants to be a professional hero more than anything in the world. While he is partially motivated by a desire to be as cool as his idol All Might, his main goal is to save people who are in danger. It doesn't matter how weak he is in comparison to his opponent, he'll rush into any fight and put his life on the line if it means ensuring someone else's safety.

    When he's not rescuing Bakugo from sludge monsters or helping Iida defeat a vigilante criminal, he's helping others emotionally at his own expense. During the Sports Festival, Izuku competes against Todoroki. When he sees that his classmate is too emotionally distraught to do his best job, he encourages him to work past family issues to fight to his full potential - even though that means that Izuku is a lot less likely to be able to be able to win the fight.

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  • Itachi Uchiha Slaughtered His Clan For National Peace In 'Naruto'
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    While most people don't automatically equate wholesale slaughter with selflessness, Itachi is actually one of the most selfless characters in anime history. 

    After a childhood plagued by warfare, all Itachi wants was to live peacefully. Sadly, this is much easier said than done, because Itachi belongs to the Uchiha clan, a powerful family that's being targeted by Danzo Shimura and his lackeys. Danzo wants to present the Uchihas as threatening monsters who were a threat to the city and had to be eliminated - meanwhile, he just wanted to harvest their eyeballs and hoard their powers for himself.

    Itachi is given a choice - kill his entire family on Danzo's orders, and he and his brother could walk free - or wait for Danzo to come and kill them all. He could have told his family what was coming, but that would have sparked a civil war, killing far more people than just his family. Itachi takes on the burden of murdering his entire family in cold blood to protect his brother and the rest of Konoha. What's more, he makes Sasuke believe that he was solely responsible, so that Sasuke wouldn't try to go to war with the city - severing the only family tie he has left. 

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    Tohru Honda Tends To The Sohma Family's Emotional Needs In 'Fruits Basket'

    Tohru Honda's mission in life is to care for and help other people. At first, that person was her mother, who worked full time and needed her daughter's support to run the household. After her mother's death, she's so concerned with not being a burden that she moves into the woods rather than live with relatives.

    From there, she's absorbed into the dark and mysterious Sohma family, who she immediately sets about not only cooking and cleaning for but also attempting to heal their complex and numerous emotional problems. Part of Tohru's journey is learning to prioritize her own needs once in a while, rather than endlessly pouring out empathy. 

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  • Allen Walker is constantly aware of the suffering of others because his left eye forces him to witness the misery of akuma (demons) as they're killed. This unique ability caused him to him feel an exceptional amount of empathy for those around him, and to be willing to get hurt or make sacrifices for others on a regular basis. Not everyone around him appreciates this, however - Yu Kanda and Lenalee Lee are both pretty furious about it. 

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