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Senior Pranks That Went Way Too Far

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High school senior pranks are a rite of passage for graduating students. Most seniors stay innocent, opting to fill up a classroom with balloons, throw some confetti around, or fork the football field. But other students get a little ahead of themselves and manage to let things get out of hand. Some notorious senior pranks have resulted in racism, arrests, and even animal cruelty. These are the pranks that get kids banned from walking at graduation. Some of them were so bad, the pranksters had to face major legal charges. The right senior prank can live on in high school infamy forever. But the wrong senior prank could land you in the slammer. 

These teens couldn't resist the temptation to escalate a fun prank to a potentially dangerous next level. Messing with animals and destroying school property aren't taken lightly by school officials... or the police. And considering most seniors are of legal age, the consequences are serious. If these kids were worried about missing grad night, maybe they should have been more concerned about getting a conviction on their record right before going off to college.

Here you'll find some of the worst senior pranks gone awry. These students managed to take their silly high school shenanigans from zero to 60, and it landed them in handcuffs, in jail, or in some deep, deep trouble. Here are the senior pranks that went way too far.

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