Unspeakable Times

12 Women Who Were Married To Notorious Serial Killers

When people hear about the wives of serial killers, they likely think of women who married a man after his conviction. There's a term for it - hybristophilia, which refers to someone feeling aroused by being with a partner who has committed serious crimes.

But what about women who married serial killers before or during their crimes? Did they know about their spouses' double lives? Were they scared to go to the police? Were they in denial? Did they not care? Wives of serial killers could genuinely remain oblivious to their husbands' doings, as it's common for serial killers to lead double lives. 

A wife's response to her husband's serial crimes can range from denial to disbelief, with some spouses harboring suspicions, and others refusing to believe they married a murderer. Also, not all of these marriages have ended in divorce.