Unspeakable Times

18 Extremely Creepy and Disturbing Artworks by Serial Killers

No matter what anyone says, it’s not weird to be interested in the sordid lives of the bogeymen that crisscrossed North America on serial killing sprees. What they did was atrocious and unforgivable, but there’s something about delving into the psyche of a madman that's intrinsically fascinating. Serial killer art is one way to peer into the brains of real-life monsters you grow up hearing about.

As it turns out, there are more serial killers who painted than those who didn't or don’t make art in anyway. It’s as if they’re compelled to produce content, whether it be by painting a picture of a friendly clown or by murdering a series of young men. Put on some Iron Maiden and take a look at these paintings done by serial killers.

It’s entirely possible serial killers who made art were just trying to get attention in any way they could, because they’d become addicted to the fame of being a villain, and what’s more villainous than being an artist? Think about it, serial killers and painters are incredibly similar. They stay up late, they’re demanding of their subjects, and most of them are very particular about the style in which they work.

If you ever get a chance to own any art by serial killers, take a hard pass on the paintings on this list, unless you’re actively trying to die alone.