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14 Serial Killers Who Left Behind Terrifying Calling Cards

Updated October 13, 2018 22k views14 items

What is a calling card? For some, it's a physical piece of paper someone might give you with their name and number on it to keep in touch. But for serial killers, it's something much more malicious.

Their calling cards are more figurative - signature ways they killed their victims or things they left behind for police to find to make sure investigators knew it was them. That could include killing with certain weapons, leaving items or notes for police, taking things with them from the crime scene, or going out of their way to be really terrifying. Also called "signature killers," these murderers are most often remembered because their modus operandi showed they took enjoyment in what they did. Some of the most famous serial killers were known to have calling cards. 

Killers who taunt police love to leave calling cards. Sometimes it's a written message or a phone call. Other times, killers pick a trophy, be it a piece of jewelry or an actual body part. Luckily, these calling cards often lead to capture - though not every time. A few of these killers were never found.

This killer behavior is strange, mystifying, and really scary. So if you're curious which killers took the cake for having calling cards, wonder no more.