How To Tell If Someone's A Killer Based On Their Handwriting

Graphologists have closely studied killers' handwriting in an attempt to gain more insight into any commonalities found in their respective psychological profiles. As a result, there are some who believe that the validity of certain serial killers' letters is easily determined by looking to see if each letter contains so-called killer penmanship. This could provide law enforcement officials with a much-needed advantage when they receive written communication that claims to be from a murderer.

Believe it or not, there are numerous cases of people pretending to be serial killers via fake confession letters and those letters can thwart police efforts to locate and apprehend actual culprits. With a better understanding of killers' handwriting, it may be possible to quickly ascertain if a letter is truly authentic. At the very least, graphology has the potential to provide some insight into the mind of a killer. 

What does your handwriting say about you? Would a criminal investigator take one look at it and decide that you have killer handwriting?