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Not all of the world's most famous serial killers started off as evil. It's hard to picture serial killers as kids, but all bloodthirsty adults who go on murderous rampages have to begin somewhere. 

Often the children who grow up to be serial killers have relatively normal childhoods. Some, however, have traumatic stories full of abuse, neglect, and pain that have a huge impact on their killing later in life. Some had overbearing mothers, while others had angry, alcoholic fathers. Of course, a few murderers on this list were just always troubled for no apparent reason. As young children, these killers often tortured and killed animals for fun. These pictures of serial killers when they were children are eerie for many reasons - but leave a lasting impression because they show despite growing up to be vicious killers, when they were children they looked like innocent children.

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Photo: Bundy Family/Pinterest

Ted Bundy is one of America's most infamous serial killers. He confessed to murdering 30 women in the 1970s, but experts speculate he probably murdered at least 60 other women. Bundy was addicted to murder and necrophilia, and his good looks and charming personality made it easy for him to attract victims. 

His childhood was certainly complicated. He was born to a young, unwed mother, and his violent grandparents raised him as their own. He grew up thinking his mother was his sister, and he started his killing spree shortly after learning the truth about her. With that being said, he was already pretty creepy as a child. His aunt said she once woke up surrounded by knives, only to see  a grinning three-year-old Ted. 

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Jeffrey Dahmer was a well-known serial killer and cannibal. He was convicted of dismembering, murdering, and consuming the body parts of 17 young men. After killing his victims, Dahmer would perform sexual acts on their dead bodies. He also kept their body parts as mementos. 

Although Dahmer was a normal toddler, his personality started to change after he had major surgery at the age of four. He became withdrawn, subdued, and friendless. A few years later, he started collecting dead animals to dismember and collect their corpses. He even killed a stray dog before mounting its head on a wooden stake. 

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James Holmes

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Photo: Yearbook Photo/Gold Patrol

James Holmes is known for murdering 12 people and injuring 70 after opening fire at a movie theater during the summer of 2012. The shooting was during a screening of The Dark Night Rises in Aurora, CO. When he was arrested later that day, he was wearing a gas mask and body armor. His hair was died red to resemble "The Joker" and he said he wanted to be remembered as a villain. 

Holmes's childhood was stable and ordinary. He played soccer and ran cross country in high school and he was a practicing Lutheran. He developed serious psychological problems while studying at the University of Colorado, where he saw several school psychiatrists. One of his therapists informed campus police that she considered him a threat to the public. Unfortunately, she was right. 

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Chicago's infamous Killer Clown mutilated, raped, and murdered 33 teenage boys and young men in the 1970s. He lured them to his home by offering them construction jobs before raping and strangling them with a rope. For work, he performed as a clown at children's birthday parties, which is how he got his nickname.

It's not surprising that Gacy had a very troubled childhood. His father was a drunk who physically and emotionally abused his entire family. His father would often call him a failure while beating him with a razor strap. As a teenager, Gacy struggled with his homosexuality and he tried to ignore it. He even married and divorced two women. Clearly, his raping and killing sprees stemmed from his terrible childhood and sexual repression. 

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