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14 Serial Killers And The Music They Loved

Updated 3 Mar 2020 75.0k views14 items

Have you ever wondered how close your taste in music is to a serial killer's? For instance, do you share a favorite song with someone who murdered a group of co-eds? Well, it’s more likely than you think.

Film and television tell their audiences that serial killer music tends to be classical, usually opera or something by Wagner, but the favorite music of killers actually has a more populist slant. One of the biggest serial killers of all time loved AC/DC and Judas Priest, for instance.

While there’s definitely a good assortment of metal and hard rock to be found in the record collections of serial killers, there’s also plenty of groovy choices made by outliers that killed people with axes, hammers, and poison.

Who do serial killers listen to when they’re in the zone? If you learn anything from this rundown of the favorite jams of serial killers, it’s that there’s no one kind of music that a depraved psychopath listens to.

While some killers are deciphering messages that they’re sure are hardwired into their favorite band’s lyrics, other serial murderers just want to relax and listen to some country music. Who hasn’t felt that way? Remember, if you find out that you and Jeffrey Dahmer like the same bands, don’t let it get you down, just try to rock a little softer next time. 

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