Unspeakable Times

11 Terrifying Backstories To Really Creepy Serial Killer Nicknames

Serial killers receive nicknames for lots of different reasons, and many have interesting stories behind how they got their monikers. Some murderers, like Bible John or the Alphabet Killer, have never been identified, so the press and law enforcement came with sobriquets to help them refer to these unknown offenders.

Other murderers, like the Lipstick Killer and the Red Spider, got their nicknames because of the messages they wrote about their crimes, while the Vampire of Sacramento and the Eyeball Killer received their monikers due to the depraved acts they committed against their victims after death.

In the case of the Chessboard Killer, he got his moniker based on the number of people he wanted to kill, while Aunt Thally was given her nickname by her fellow inmates as a dark nod to the murders she committed.

There are also interesting stories behind how the Black Magic Killer, the Brides in the Bath Murderer, the Scorecard Killer, and Metal Fang all got their nicknames, from the reasons behind their killings and their methods of murder to the records they kept and their personal appearances. In every case, their stories are even more horrifying than their names.