READ 23 Normal People Reveal Their Random Encounters with Serial Killers  

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There have been so many serial killers in the past (and so many serial killers that were never caught) that many people either have had an encounter or close call with one, or at least know someone who has. These creepy stories of serial killer encounters will make you wonder, just how close have you come without ever knowing it?

The stories on here, all from Reddit, are haunting tales of "what if" from real people who interacted with serial killers. The creepy part is that these horror stories are all true.

Encounters with Multiple Killers

According to mhelweg:

While growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY, when I was 12-14 years old, one of my brother's friends became very close with our family. He called my mother "Mom," and was considered one of the family. He even took one of my sisters out to a movie date at one point.

Coming home from work one night, my brother told my mom that the cops showed up where he and Nate worked and arrested Nate. It turned out that Nate was stalking and murdering girls between the ages of 14-20 in Duchess and Orange Counties and had already killed six, strangling and bludgeoning them and disposing of the bodies on the side of the road. Nathaniel White was his name.

If that wasn't bad enough, fast-forward about six years and two blocks from my house, they arrested Kendall Fransious? (wrong spelling on the last name) And located eight dead women in his home - which he shared with his mom, dad, and 14-year-old sister. Apparently, although the place reeked of decomposing bodies, none of the other people in the house where even remotely aware of the corpses.

Additional craziness: My history teacher in Poughkeepsie Middle School was Albert Fentress - a cannibal killer.

She Dodged a Bullet - Almost Literally

By Redditor FromHereToParis:

My friend and I carpool to and from work together every day. It was late at night and I was waiting for her to come pick me up when her cousin drove past and told me she was running late, and had asked if he could come pick me up, so I wouldn't have to wait so long alone.

I met her cousin only once, very briefly at a wedding she had dragged me to a few months back. He seemed nice, then and now, so I agreed.

I was about to step into the car, but then I realized I had left my purse inside my work. I told him I would be two seconds to go grab it. I went back into work and grabbed my purse. My phone rang. It was my friend. She said she was on her way to come pick me up. Confused, I reminded her that she had asked her cousin to pick me up. Silence. She only has one cousin, and he was on a missionary trip in another country...WTF.

Turns out, this guy had been stalking every detail of my life and schedule, and knew I waited for my friend every night to pick me up. He dressed up as my friends "cousin," because he knew I wouldn't be afraid of him because I had met him, but I didn't know him well enough to realize it wasn't him.

The cops, after a long chase, caught him. He had previously murdered three other women, and in the back of his car were poisons, guns, chains, knives, ropes, and masks.


Almost Became a Victim of the Texas Railroad Killer

Redditor sandyvajina said:

When I was 17, I went to Project Akon, an anime convention in Dallas, TX, with a friend. We were supposed to meet her sister at the hotel, and we would share a hotel room. She never showed up. The weekend turned to searching until she was found. The Texas Railroad killer snuck into her apartment while she packed for the trip and murdered her with a pickaxe. It has haunted me ever since, especially since the original plan was to drive to her sister's that night and carpool to the hotel together. I'll never know if he would have picked a different victim or if he would have just killed all of us.

Grandma Beat Up the Night Stalker

Shared by glassesnw1ne:

My friend's grandma had a close encounter with Richard Ramirez AKA the Night Stalker of Los Angeles. Grandma was doing yard work in the back and saw him jump a fence into her property. She was freaked out and started whacking him with a broom or something. It was enough for him to abort whatever he had planned and he jumped back over. Grandma sees a sketch on the news a few days later and realizes it's the same guy that she hit in her backyard.

I'm still super scared of leaving any floor-level windows open at night, no matter how hot it is outside.