Unspeakable Times

Serial Killers Describe What it Feels Like to Kill

Most of us will never know how it feels to take another human life; if there’s some intangible sensation that comes with watching someone breathe their last breath and knowing it’s because of something you’ve done. Most serial killers are very chatty after they’ve been arrested. Maybe it’s because they crave attention, or they just don’t know what else to talk about other than their horrific pastime.

Depending on who’s doing the talking, listening to killers describe their crimes can be anything from exciting to sickening to just plain boring. So what does it feel like to kill? Why not let these professionals fill you in?

Every serial killer describes death differently. Guys like Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez believe they’re the star of the show so every word they say is embellished in some form of a lie. But when a guy like Jeffrey Dahmer begins to discuss his murders, you can tell that he’s being straightforward. Maybe it’s his Midwestern demeanor, or maybe his dad glasses make us trust him a little more than we should.