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Prolific, Horrifying Foreign Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of

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Contrary to popular belief, the United States doesn't have a monopoly on monstrous psychopaths. These foreign serial killers committed acts just as horrendous as the most famous killers from the States. Murder, mutilation, rape, and cannibalism are universal problems of human existence. That much is demonstrated by these obscure serial killers.

The other striking fact about these serial killers is that many of their crimes are relatively recent. While the United States is focused on rampaging gunmen and mass shootings, murder and violence are very much a real part of everyday life in other parts of the world. These atrocities should be heeded, for they are a constant reminder of the very real danger that lurks just beneath the veneer of a peaceful society.

While these foreign serial killers are less well known, their crimes are real. Their names may not be as recognizable as Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy, but they are still criminals the world won’t soon forget. Peruse these stories at your own risk. They contain graphic and horrific content.

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    Also known as the "Red Ripper," this former soviet school teacher was responsible for murdering at least 52 young people. His modus operandi was to befriend his victims at train or bus stops and then lure them to a secluded place. He would then sexually assault, murder, and mutilate them, gouging out their eyes and sometimes eating their sexual organs.

    After over a decade of killing, Chikatilo was arrested on November 20, 1990, for suspicious activity. Police brought in a psychologist who had worked previously to profile the killer in order to talk to him. Chikatilo eventually confessed to him. He was convicted of 52 murders and executed in 1994.

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  • Known also as "The Terminator," "The Beast of Ukraine," and "Citizen O," Anatoly Onoprienko was convicted of 52 murders in Ukraine, many of them occurring between 1995 and 1996. His M.O. was to break into an isolated house, steal what valuables he could find, rape any women present, and murder the entire family and any other witnesses using a 12-gauge shotgun.

    On April 16, 1996, police raided Onoprienko's house and arrested him. They found over 120 items linked to unsolved murders. Onoprienko eventually confessed to 52 murders, telling police that voices in his head told him to do it. He received a death sentence which was commuted to life in prison.

  • Mikhail Popkov

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    Nicknamed "The Werewolf," this Russian is responsible for the deaths of at least 22 women. The former police officer would use his status to gain the trust of his victims. He would offer them a ride home and then take them to a remote location where he would sexually assault, murder, and mutilate them.

    Upon his arrest in 2012, he expressed a desire to rid the streets of prostitutes. The arrest came after 3,500 police officers took DNA tests. He is now serving a life sentence.

  • Tamara Samsonova

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    Tamara Samsonova is a 68-year-old Russian woman who confessed to murdering at least 11 people. She kept a diary with accounts of the killings, written in three languages. Given the moniker "Granny Ripper," she would  allegedly rent out a room in her apartment and then murder the tenants. According to the diary, she then dismembered the bodies, sometimes eating parts, and disposed of them by a small pond. She was arrested in 2015 and is still awaiting trial.