Unspeakable Times

11 Terrifying Serial Killers with Extremely High IQs

Nearly everyone knows of the fictional evil genius Hannibal Lecter, but how many real-life serial killers are actually dastardly intelligent? It turns out the theory that all serial killers are geniuses is untrue— one study found they had an average IQ of 94.7. Interestingly enough, their IQs varied based on what method they used to kill, with bombers being the most clever and poisoners being the least. But even though some serial killers may be distinctly average, there are definitely some cases of intelligent murder - and intelligent murderers - out there. And there are some downright evil geniuses that make this list. 

And it makes sense, because to earn the title of serial killer you have to do a pretty substantial amount of killing without getting caught - and that's going to take some brains.