Serial Killers Who Were Murdered By Their Last Targeted Victims

At least 13,105 people have lost their lives to a serial killer since the year 1900. For many of these victims, true justice has rarely been served. Occasionally, a victim will get away from their captor or be released, but the most satisfying ending to such a scenario is a serial killer who is killed by their victim. 

A victim who kills a serial killer will likely suffer from the traumatic stress of being a victim and a forced killer, but they can take pride in knowing that their situation's twist ending undoubtedly saved many innocent people. Here are a few such cases where killers were foiled, fatally so, by their final victims. One even made the mistake of turning a trusted associate into a victim and suffered the consequences.

These rare slain serial killers received the truest form of just punishment a serial killer could get when the tables where turned on them in the end. 

  • The Candy Man Made The Mistake Of Turning Against An Accomplice

    Dean Corll, AKA The Candy Man, terrorized the city of Houston from 1970 to 1973 when he tortured, raped, and dispatched at least 28 local boys. Known as the Houston Mass Murders, this case was one of the worst in U.S. history. Fortunately, it had a surprising ending when Corll made the unwise decision to turn on one of his accomplices. 

    Throughout his spree, Corll used young male accomplices to help lure new victims. In 1972, teenager Elmer Wayne Henley started working for Corll because his family was facing financial difficulties. The next year, Henley infuriated Corll by bringing a teenage girl back to Corll's house. The serial killer reacted by tying everyone up.

    Henley was able to convince Corll to untie him, claiming he'd kill the teenage girl himself. Instead, he grabbed Corll's gun and shot him six times. Henley is serving six life terms for his role in Corll's killings - but at least he stopped Corll. By turning on his accomplice, the Candy Man brought about his own doom. 

  • Neal Falls Evaded Capture In 20 States But Was Killed By His Own Gun

    In 2015, women in Chillicothe, OH, were disappearing rapidly, and authorities suspected that a serial killer was on the loose. Meanwhile, police officers stopped Neal Falls in at least 20 states for various reasons without arresting him. It would, in fact, take one of his own victims to bring down this potential serial killer. 

    Heather, a sex worker, met with Falls on July 18, 2015. When she answered the door for their date, he reportedly pointed a gun at her and said "live or die," in what may have been a reference to the movie Saw. The two struggled, but Heather was able to get his gun and fatally shoot Falls with it. 

    When police arrived at the scene, they discovered an arsenal of weapons that was characterized as looking like a serial killer's kill kit. Falls also had in his possession what appeared to be a hit list of 10 women who, thankfully, he hadn't gotten to yet. The disappearances in Chillicothe stopped after Falls was killed by his last victim. Authorities are still investigating Falls's potential link to the missing women. 

  • Despite Evading Arrest For Years, The Missoula Mauler Met His End When A Victim Grew Bold

    Life-long Missoula, MT, resident Wayne Nance was never arrested, but he's the prime suspect in at least five slayings that took place between 1974 and 1985. Each victim was shot to death, but the spree needn't have lasted so long. In fact, there was evidence implicating Nance in the 1974 murder of Donna Pounds. 

    Sadly for all of his subsequent victims, Nance was never arrested. Instead, he was able to keep killing until his last victims flipped the script. On September 6, 1986, Nance made the unwise decision to enter a private residence with the intention of killing both occupants, Doug and Kris Wells. After stabbing Doug in the chest, Nance was surprised when the man grabbed a gun. Before he could restrain his victim, Doug shot Nance in the head, effectively ending the spree in Missoula.