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10 Killers Who Wore Their Victims' Clothes

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It is common for some murderers to take "trophies" from their victims, and in some cases, those trophies are their clothing. Photos exist of serial killers wearing their victim's clothes. In other cases, these criminals were caught on surveillance cameras playing their macabre game of dress-up. Some murderers were even arrested while clad in their victim's clothing.

Below you will find an offering of each variety, from actual serial killer photos, serial killer victim pics, and accounts of murderers donning their stolen trophies. Be warned that some of the images are NSFW.
  • Photo: Wautoma County Sheriff's Office
    Ed Gein didn't wear his victims' clothes, but he did wear his victims. No photos exist of the serial killer, grave robber, and cannibal "dancing in the moonlight" in his infamous skin masks and suits. There is, however, a fair amount of photographic evidence of these repugnant creations floating around out there. This is one of the less graphic photos available. Note that this skin mask bears a striking resemblance to the mask worn by Michael Myers in the Halloween films.
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  • Otherwise known as BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill), Dennis Rader had a flair for tormenting and murdering women as well as a penchant for staging bondage-inspired photographs in which the killer would wear a "lady mask" and his victims' clothing. You can view a full gallery of Rader's "art" here, though be warned, many of these images are quite NSFW.
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    Russell Williams

    Former Canadian colonel Russell Williams was convicted of raping and killing two women in February 2010. Among the evidence presented to the jury during his trial were these photographs of Williams posing in his victims' underwear and lingerie (he also committed several break-ins, and stole undergarments from girls as young as 11).
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    Ray and Faye Copeland

    This killer duo were found guilty of murdering five drifters in their Missouri home between 1986 and 1989. After being discovered, police later found a quilt, made by Faye, fashioned out of their dead victims' clothing. 
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