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10 Serial Killers Who Are On The Loose

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Serial killers who have been released from prison, let out on parole, or have escaped and are currently on the loose.

When a serial killer is caught, there’s a reasonable assumption that the justice system will take care of the problem. The murderous psychopath will be found guilty by the courts and sentenced to life in prison, to be hidden far away from you and the people you love. The streets are once again safe to walk without fear of becoming prey to a serial killer’s whims. However, that perfect fantasy of justice is not always the case. In some cases, serial killers are actually set free to live among your family, friends, and the rest of the non-lethal population.

The serial killers on this list are not currently serving time behind bars. Many of them served a short amount of time behind bars before being set free, while a few others escaped from prison to live life on the lam. Some of these serial killers are still a threat to society, while others have been declared safe by psychologists and other officials.

Which serial killers have been set free? Which have escaped? This list features the serial killers who are at large and no longer behind bars.