Serial Killers Who Had Normal Jobs

Sometimes, it's the ones you least expect. These dangerous, notorious serial killers all had perfectly normal jobs and many were considered kind, contributing citizens in their communities. But then things took a turn. Which serial killers had normal day jobs? This is a list of serial killers with normal jobs before they changed career paths and took up killing.

A serial killer is defined as someone who murders three or more victims over a relatively short interval. Though it has been said that serial killers often fail to keep jobs for long periods of time, such as Ted Bundy, who held a number of low-end jobs, some psychologists also claim that serial killers can appear to be completely normal and have high-functioning lives. John Wayne Gacy, for example, was a highly respected individual within his community, and Dennis Rader was the elected president of his church.

Though many assume that most serial killers are rooted in violent families and abusive upbringings, there are many examples of serial killers who grew up in normal families with surprisingly average childhoods. Thus, it's hard to pinpoint conclusive personality characteristics of serial killers since the motives for killing can vary anywhere from wanting to be a hero by saving victims they previously poisoned, to sick and sadistic pleasure. 

Here's a list of serial killers who had surprisingly normal jobs, although some are a bit creepy. Ice cream truck driver, anyone?